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Engineering Jobs Australia

by | Apr 11, 2019

Australia is a fantastic destination for skilled workers looking to emigrate and apply their knowledge elsewhere. In addition to its culture and stunning natural beauty, the country is also in constant demand for skilled workers. To successfully obtain a skilled workers visa, hopeful immigrants must demonstrate their capability in their chosen field. Alongside an English language requirement and an AQF qualification, prospective migrants must show experience in an occupation appearing on the Skilled Occupations List. Engineers can consider themselves lucky, however, as engineering roles make up a high percentage of those available through the Skilled Occupations List. Here, we look at some of the engineering jobs available in Australia via the Skilled Occupations List.

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General Engineering Jobs Australia

The Skilled Occupations List contains a diverse set of general engineering opportunities for visa application. Civil engineers will be covered by Civil Engineer, Civil Engineering Technician and Civil Engineering Draftsperson roles, and managers can look at Engineering Manager as their occupation. Structural Engineer and Transport Engineer both provide more specific avenues for qualified civil engineers.

Electrical Engineering Jobs Australia

There’s a great diversity of roles open to electrical engineers looking to apply for visas. General electrical engineers can apply under Electrical and Electronics Engineer roles, and under Electrical Engineering Draftsperson or Technician. Telecommunications are covered by Telecommunications Engineer, Telecommunications Network Engineer, and Telecommunications Field Engineer as applicable.

Software Engineering Jobs Australia

Those on the more IT-focused side of engineering have fewer options, but Software Engineer and Computer And Network Systems Engineer both make the list, and it may be worth investigating the telecommunications fields listed above for any crossover.

Industrial Engineers

For engineers qualified in the industrial sector, options include Industrial Engineer, Production or Plant Engineer, and Agricultural Engineer.

Specialist Engineer

More specialist roles make up the remainder of those available to skilled migrants. Maritime workers are covered by Ship’s Engineer, while aerospace engineers can apply under Aeronautical Engineer. Other specialist roles include Chemical Engineer, Materials Engineer, Geotechnical Engineer, and Biomedical Engineer.

457 Visa Sponsorship

Sponsorship offers another available visa path for hopeful engineers. Essentially, this program is used by employers to sponsor skilled overseas workers on a temporary basis. Holders of this visa can be employed for up to 4 years, and can bring eligible family members, including partners, who have unrestricted rights to work and study in Australia.

An exception is those businesses that have operated for less than 12 months in Australia, in which case the temporary period is reduced to 18 months. Sponsored visa holders are still subject to the Skilled Occupations List and must meet the English language requirement (find out more about IELTS). Sponsored jobs for 457 Visas can be found through job boards via online searches. As you can see, there’s a wealth of pathways to obtain skilled visas for Australia, with a majority of engineering disciplines covered, at least in some fashion, by the Skilled Occupations List. The list is subject to change with demand, so even if your field doesn’t currently feature, there’s nothing to say it won’t do in the future.

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