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Move To Brisbane From The UK

by | Feb 13, 2024

As the capital of Queensland and Australia’s third largest city, Brisbane is an attractive proposition for aspiring professionals and families looking to move to Australia from the UK. With a population comfortably in excess of 2.24 million it takes pride of place along the east coast and offers a diverse and multicultural environment. 

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Where is Brisbane?

Located approximately 15 km inland on the shores of the Brisbane River, you can reach the calming presence of the Pacific Ocean with a short drive and enjoy both the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast in an hour to an hour and half depending on traffic. For those looking to stay closer to home there are sandy beaches at Redcliffe and Southport which lie north and south of the city respectively. There is also a manmade beach located at South Bank Parklands. Perfect for allowing you to get away from the hustle and bustle of city living so that you get that quality time with friends and family to relax and enjoy life. What makes Brisbane unique amongst Australian cities is its location. It’s surrounded by vastly expansive mangroves: rich ecosystems that remain relatively untouched by humans to this day. This gives Brisbane a more humane and relaxing climate during those hot summer months as residents and tourists alike benefit from the relative respite of the cooler inland climate.

What’s the weather like in Brisbane?

As you’d expect there is an abundance of sunshine and blue skies all year round. The only signs of cold occur in July and August and may require you to add an extra layer of clothing when venturing out after dark. As with any location there is a chance of intermittent severe weather, with cyclones and flooding the most likely occurrences although extensive infrastructure is in place accordingly.

Things to do in Brisbane

The city itself is proud to offer residents a wide variety of amenities and the opportunity to be exposed to a broad spectrum of cultures and cuisines. The nightlife is welcoming and diverse, particularly in the summer months when the large seasonal influx of tourists from further afield brings a new dimension to the most popular nightspots. With a range of shops and leisure facilities that are the equal of any major global city, Brisbane offers a level of choice that can cater for any need, style, or taste. Residential areas are easy to navigate and are predominately located in the large suburban area outside of the city centre. This gives the city a homely and friendly character despite its size and location. No matter where you currently reside, adding Brisbane to your list of possible locations is worth considering. With a wide range of choices of accommodation you are sure to find a house you can make a home.

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